TAAK Interior & Architects is an independent-minded design firm with a belief that all designs should be simple, sensible, unique, timeless, and instilled with a subtle sophistication. Our design philosophy is based on using the human senses in interpreting a design through the medium of free-hand sketching, as a simple and natural way to seamlessly express the imagination, thought, belief, and memories into a new perspective. With a "think-out-of-the-box" approach, the heart and soul of all our designs are the inspirations drawn from the human, cultural, and historical elements, with a healthy dose of respect for the existing environment. TAIA strives to produce a wide array of versatile designs but ultimately should result in an architecture that is in harmony with its surroundings.

TAIA is Taak Akrasanee, design principal with a degree from the faculty of Environmental Studies, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. Established in 2002, our services have consistently expanded to include residential projects, hotel, and a large-scale condominium. We provide all aspects of the built environment, comprising of masterplanning, architectural, interior, landscaping, as well as furniture design.

TAIA has been involved in projects in Bangkok, Hua-Hin, Had-Yai, and Singapore. We have extensive experience in construction projects, and our commitment to our designs is reflected in our attention to detail, and in the quality of all our work.